taurus horoscope 2014

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2014 forecast

Your journey through 2014 obliges you to think long and hard about where you are really going. Currently, you've got a sense of uncertainty bordering on bewilderment. Often, when we feel a strong need for reassurance, we supply it to ourselves, even if we are not actually qualified to issue such comfort. We have to keep believing that it's all okay or it's only going to start feeling worse. Yet it is only through believing that things are going to be OK that we find the psychological wherewithal to seize the opportunities that will make them OK. Coming up for you this year are a series of changes; are all very positive and productive, even if they don't all feel that way at first. It isn't pleasant, for example, to realise that you are lost on a road. But it is only ever when we stop pretending we know the way that we can stop and ask for help. Though that costs pride, the reward is priceless. Reliable direction! Events in the earlier part of this year have you stopping to reconsider something that, up until now, has been part of an automatic process. The upshot of that will be a big turn-around in your fortunes.