virgo horoscope 2012

Celebrity Virgo

Beyonc� Knowles 13 September 1993

2012 forecast

You may be expecting a forecast full of warnings. Many people, after all, are calling 2012 a challenging year. But at no point will you face a situation that is too difficult to handle. You’re going to get an impressive awakening to the full extent of your own power and ability to assert yourself. You’ll show leadership, you’ll be decisive and you’ll steer the ship of your life a long way in the right direction. As your confidence grows, you’ll become better off in every way. And where your confidence fails you, remember that self-belief is one of those things you can fake! When you fake it, it becomes real. The very act of pretending that you’ve got it means that others see it in you. They respond by treating you as a person whose must have what it takes. There will, of course, be situations that seem difficult. There will be choices that seem hard. Some opportunities will be scarce and when you find them, you may need to compete for them. Just remember how special, how important you are and how different you are. The world needs you to succeed this year. So somehow, you will!