The Queen gets matchy-matchy traveling on train to holiday break

How does she do it? Queen Elizabeth, 88, always manages to be impeccably dressed on every occasion — even while taking a public train.

The Queen is a master matcher and pulled together a perfectly coordinated outfit for her journey

The Queen joined regular commuters to travel to her annual Christmas holiday at Sandringham in Norfolk by joining rail commuters on a 12:21 train into King's Lynn on Thursday.

For the journey, the monarch stuck to her signature majestic style of matching her outfit perfectly. She donned a light blue chenille coat, a skirt in the same fabric and then a matching scarf wrapped around her head to protect her from the British winter chill. And of course, her major accessory was one of her iconic black handbags.

The Queen arrived at King's Lynn station for her Christmas break at Sandringham

Over the last 60 years, the Queen has become known for her monochromatic color coordination, matching coats with accessories and hats. She avoids somber, muted tones like black or beige and is more attracted to vivid blues, dazzling greens and bright yellows and purples.

Queen Elizabeth is spotted on the train

It’s a well-known journey for the Queen as she, and the rest of the royal family, traditionally spend every Christmas on their Sandringham estate.

It is believed she bought a first class single ticket, which costs around $80 for the 100-minute journey.

The Queen usually stays at Sandringham until early February, when she celebrates the anniversary of her accession

Station manager Graeme Pratt was very happy to have the royal rider. He said: “It was good to have Her Majesty on board and we are pleased that she enjoyed the journey. It is an absolute privilege to transport the Royal Family, especially Her Majesty.”

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