Camilla opted for a chic dress/coat ensemble topped off with a jaunty feather hat
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Alice with her groom, Luke Irwin - the couple are both antique dealers

6 OCTOBER 2003
Sporting a big smile and a cheeky little feather hat, Camilla Parker Bowles attended the wedding of her niece, 25-year-old Alice Elliot, at the weekend.

Alice, the daughter of Camilla's sister Annabel, married Luke Irwin, 35, in the village of Stourpaine, Dorset. At hand to wish the bridal couple - both antique dealers - well were several other society ladies including Lady Annabel Goldsmith, newlywed Kate Rothschild and Jemima Khan.

Jemima's two little boys, Sulaiman and Kasim, acted as pageboys, and the bride's two dogs also attended.

Camilla, who went with her father Bruce Shand, opted for an oyster-coloured dress and matching coat ensemble, topped off with a feathery creation perched jauntily on the side of her head.

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