22 JANUARY 2004
Weddings usually bring with them a slew of gifts for the happy couple, but Crown Prince Frederik's nuptials this spring will also mean another perk for the handsome royal – a massive boost in his annual allowance.

The prince, who currently receives about £363,000 a year from the Danish government, will see his pay increase tripled to nearly £1.4 million after he weds Australian PR executive Mary Donaldson on May 14.

Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen explained that the raise is intended to cover the royal pair's official spending and "significantly higher level of activities" once they wed.

"A careful calculation has been made about necessary expenses and one has to take into account that the crown prince will be more active. This will benefit all of us," said the politician.

Anticipating the crown prince's new role as a husband, the Danish government has announced it is to triple Frederik's salary following his marriage to his Australian fiancée Mary Donaldson
Photo: © PA
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