22 JANUARY 2004
Prince Harry is to head off to Africa for the next stage of his gap year. The young royal will spend two months on the continent, working on community projects to help some of the world's poorest people.

For security reasons, the exact location has not been released yet. But Clarence House has revealed that Harry will be helping to build homes and teach new skills to mothers and children in the communities he visits.

The work will be physically as well as emotionally challenging, because the 19-year-old will have to spend long days lifting building materials in the fierce African heat. Palace insiders say he isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty, however, and the trip reflects the teenager's desire to help those who are most in need.

It is expected that Harry will visit a number of projects being run by international aid agencies. He is no stranger to tough physical work, having recently spent several months working on a cattle ranch in the Australian outback. The Prince will eventually go on to begin a military career when he enrols at Britain's Sandhurst officer-training academy.

Prince Harry is no stranger to difficult, physical work and his latest trip reflects his interest in helping the world's needy
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