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The Queen is marking her landmark 80th year by inviting British citizens born on her birthdate April 21, 1926 to the celebrations.

Though the festivities haven't yet been planned for the 2006 event and the monarch usually celebrates her birthday privately, with family and friends senior courtiers are hoping to put together a string of events in which the public may take part.

Apparently, royal advisors would like to see the Queen's birthday, officially honoured in June, become an annual April extravaganza. Her Majesty's mother, Queen Elizabeth, began to celebrate her own birthday publicly starting with her 80th.

"The Queen is a different character, but if she believes the public want to celebrate with her, I am sure she will follow her mother's example," a senior aide told the Daily Express.

All British citizens born on the Queen's birth date April 21, 1926 will be invited to the monarch's official 80th birthday celebrations in 2006
Photo: AFP
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