26 MAY 2004

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An appearance on Channel 4's Richard And Judy show by Sarah Ferguson turned into a royal row after the Duchess let host Richard Madely know she thought he'd gone a step too far with his questioning.

The Duchess started to lose her patience after Richard turned to the topic of the British royal family, beginning, "A couple of quick questions about the Windsors…" Sarah curtly replied: "I suppose you have to, don't you?". A follow-up query as to whether she is still on speaking terms with the Duke of Edinburgh was answered with a blunt, "Yes".

When asked whether she would get back together with her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, it appeared the Duchess had finally had enough. She responded: "I really thought I was going to come on to this show and you were really honestly going to take Sarah Ferguson as Sarah Ferguson - a single working mother with two girls.

"I'm very serious about what I do, ok? And don't make a mockery of it, all right?"

As wife and co-presenter Judy Finnigan looked on, Richard insisted that his questions had been purely "affectionate". Judy added: "It was normal journalistic curiosity."

A Channel 4 TV interview went from bad to worse after Richard Madely's line of questioning turned to the British royal family
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"I'm very serious about what I do... Don't make a mockery of it," a frustrated Sarah told the Richard And Judy presenter
Photo: © Alphapress.com