The future queen in full-on professional mode as one of Spain's best-known newsreaders, before her relationship with the prince was revealed
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30 JULY 2004

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Ever since the palace released the surprise news last November that Spain's 36-year-old crown prince had found a bride, the thirst for information about the future queen has been insatiable.

Not least of the pressures facing Letizia Ortiz, who becomes Princess of Asturias on the morning of Saturday, May 22, was the unceasing scrutiny of her personal style.

But the 32-year-old had more ability to face this challenge than most young women: as a newscaster on national TV, she was already a well-known face to millions.

And since leaving behind journalism, Letizia has stepped effortlessly into her new role as national style icon, appearing at a number of official and informal events in a range of outfits.

Fashionistas have been thrilled by her use of ultra-chic trouser ensembles, form-fitting jackets and sexy gowns in vivid colours. As speculation over her wedding gown reaches fever pitch among royal-watchers, we take a look back over the budding princess-to-be's style.