19 AUGUST 2004

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Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and his wife Crown Princess Maxima have spent recent days in very different ways he in sunny Greece at the summer Olympics and she enjoying a family visit in somewhat chillier Argentina.

Princess Maxima, who has spent the last week and a half in her home country with daughter Princess Catharina-Amalia, has opted for a private visit to see family and friends during her seasonal holidays. Meanwhile, husband Willem-Alexander is currently busy in Athens, where he is representing the Dutch royal family at the 2004 Games.

While both royals seem to be making the most of their respective jaunts Willem-Alexander grinning as he congratulates Dutch medal winners, and a radiant Maxima shopping with her bundled-up baby daughter in wintry Buenos Aires the separation is only temporary.

The prince, who plans to be in the Greek capital until Friday, will rejoin his spouse and daughter in Argentina in the coming days. The young family, who, according to local reports, will be exploring towns and sights outside the city during the remainder of their stay, are expected head back to the Netherlands on September 6.

Both warmly dressed for the seasonal chill, Princess Maxima and her baby daughter Catharina-Amalia are enjoying a private family visit in Argentina
Photo: Rex
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Meanwhile, husband Crown Prince Willem-Alexander is thousands of miles away in sunny Greece at the summer Olympic games
Photo: AFP