23 AUGUST 2004

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Denmark’s British-born Princess Alexandra, along with her two young sons, was one of thousands who put their best foot forward at a charity walk in Copenhagen over the weekend.

The always elegant princess, who is married to the queen's younger son Prince Joachim, chose a pastel-shaded jacket and skirt outfit topped off with a straw hat to give an address at the event, which kicked off in the city’s historic Citadel area. She then changed into casual whites to take part in the actual walk.

With Alexandra were her two boys, Nikolai and Felix, both togged up in jeans and white sweatshirts. Five-year-old Nikolai was running around under his own steam, but little Felix, who’s only two, was glad to hitch a ride on his mum’s shoulders.

The five-centre Walkathon, which is raising money for the World Wide Fund for Nature, the United Nations Children’s Fund and various heart foundations, will also take place in Berlin, Stockholm, Kyoto and Yokohama.

Two-year-old Prince Felix hitches a ride with his mum
Photo: © Rex
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The princess with Felix and her elder son Nikolai, who's five



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