Prince Haakon holds little Ingrid, while Mette-Marit and Marius smile for the cameras. The family invited the press to their home just after returning from the Athens Olympics
Photo: PA
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Mette-Marit and her son try their hand at croquet, while Haakon looks on
Photo: PA

27 AUGUST 2004

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Norway's Crown Prince Haakon has been photographed enjoying a round of croquet with his growing family at their home near Oslo. The future king was pictured with his wife Mette-Marit and their children in the grounds of Skaugum Estate on Thursday afternoon.

Looking relaxed and content, the royal couple smiled for the cameras with seven-year-old Marius, who is Mette-Marit's son from a previous relationship, and their infant daughter Ingrid. Haakon, who is well-known as a hands-on dad, held the baby princess in his arms throughout the photocall.

Despite being the centre of attention, little Ingrid seemed rather nonplussed by all the fuss. The tot, who will eventually become Queen of Norway, is something of a national obsession in her home country. Until recently women were prohibited from acceding to the throne, but the constitution has now been changed to clear the way for a female monarch.

The crown prince and his wife invited the press to their home upon their return from Athens, where they were cheering on Norway's Olympic athletes. The couple jetted back to Oslo just in time for their third wedding anniversary on Wednesday.

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