King Abdullah and Queen Rania will welcome their new arrival early next year
Photo: AFP
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The Jordanian royal court made the big announcement as Rania prepared to celebrate her 34th birthday on Tuesday
Photo: AFP

31 AUGUST 2004

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King Abdullah II of Jordan and his wife, Queen Rania, will be welcoming a new member of the family, it has been confirmed.

Jordan's royal court has announced that Rania, who celebrates her 34th birthday on Tuesday, is pregnant with the couple's fourth child.

"The palace is delighted to share the joy of King Abdullah... and Queen Rania ... at the news she is expecting," said a statement. The baby is due to arrive early next year.

Queen Rania and King Abdullah, who wed in 1993, have one ten-year-old son, Hussein, and two daughters, Iman, eight, and Salma, who is four.