4 MARCH 2005

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It would appear that Australia is the place to be these days with the sun-kissed country playing host to a roll-call of VIPs.

The local media hasn't been able to get enough of Tasmanian-born Princess Mary, who is currently visiting with her dashing husband Prince Frederik. But the paparazzi were having to spread themselves thin on Wednesday when a who's-who of the pop industry jetted into town for the MTV Australia Music Awards. And it wasn't just in Sydney that photographers were being kept busy. Britain's Prince Charles was also making an appearance further inland in Victoria.

Mary spent the afternoon at a fundraising luncheon for Mental Health Foundation. Dressed in a shimmering white silk suit, the 33-year-old didn't disappoint her home country's fashionistas when she arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel.

There were some rather more bohemian style statements being made across town at the MTV bash, however. Irish singer Brian McFadden, who made his entrance with new love Delta Goodrem, was sporting a pink stripey t-shirt for the occasion. Sharon Osbourne and her daughter Kelly were both clad from head to toe in black, while local talent Dannii Minogue looked radiant in a flowing white number.

Far away from the glitz and glamour of the red carpet, the Prince of Wales was enjoying a rather more earthy afternoon. During a visit to Geelong Grammar School, which he attended as a teenager, the future king showed off his well-known horticultural talents by planting a tree.

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Mary was her usual elegant self at the charity gala. She and her husband Prince Frederik have received a rapturous welcome in Australia
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Brian McFadden arrives for the MTV Awards with his girlfriend Delta Goodrem
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