The Queen extended her "warmest good wishes"
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Wills and Harry were swift to say they are "both very happy" when the news broke

Prime Minister Tony Blair is "delighted"

Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, approves the move and trusts the marriage will be "a source of strength and comfort" to the couple

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7 MARCH 2005

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The Queen 'The Duke of Edinburgh and I are very happy that the Prince of Wales and Mrs Parker Bowles are to marry. We have given them our warmest good wishes for their future together'

Princes William and Harry 'We are both very happy for our father and Camilla and we wish them all the luck in the future'

Tony Blair, Prime Minister 'I am delighted for the Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles. It's very happy news and when Cabinet heard it this morning they sent congratulations and good wishes. We all wish them every happiness for their future together'

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury "I am pleased that Prince Charles and Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles have decided to take this important step. I hope and pray that it will prove a source of comfort and strength to them and to those who are closest to them'

Winston Churchill, grandson of the wartime prime minister and a close friend of Prince Charles
'They are clearly very much in love. It must be the end of a series of nightmare years for Camilla, every day reading in the papers about being the mistress this and that. They are entitled to have their own happiness the same as everyone else'

Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty magazine 'The fact that it is happening, and that it is happening this quickly, is the surprising element here. Charles has always had a strong affection for Camilla. He did love Diana but perhaps in a different way than he loved Camilla. It wasn't such an enduring love'

Sarah, Duchess of York Charles's former sister-in-law, who was in the US when the news broke, offered congratulations to Charles and Camilla. A spokeswoman said: 'She is very happy for them'

Earl Spencer, Princess Diana's brother Charles's former brother-in-law said he would make no comment on the forthcoming wedding

Lord St John of Fawsley, constitutional expert 'I am not a bit surprised by the announcement, and I approve of it very much. I would say, "God bless them". Constitutionally, there is no reason why the marriage should not go ahead'

David Starkey, royal historian
'The immediate presumption must be that she is Princess of Wales. People may think that the Diana phenomenon is almost as faded as her fountain, but there will be Diana-maniacs who will get cross'

Robert Lacey, royal biographer 'It is pretty clear that people are not enormously enamoured of Camilla. People in the future will say that when you compare her style with Diana's, it is very different'

Sir Stuart Bell MP, Second Church Estates commissioner 'The announcement that Prince Charles is to marry Camilla is joyous news. We should all rejoice that a long-standing love match is to be consecrated in marriage. I wish the couple a long and happy future'

Penny Junor, Charles's biographer 'I think this is the best thing they could have done. To have moved his mistress into Clarence House and to have her there, but not officially there, just did not seem right. If you look back over the past 20 years, probably all the problems that have happened to the monarchy, somewhere Camilla has been lurking in the background. So the Queen has been very resistant about this whole relationship. The marriage will divide opinion and some people will think it is the end of the world. But once it has happened, people will accept it. He's very much in love with her and she with him. That's just the way it is'