"I put a mix of creamy and honey blonde highlights through Camilla's hair," says stylist Jo Hansford, who coloured the bride-to-be's hair a week before the wedding. "Her hair is fine and can be difficult to manage, which is why I use bleach to give it body and oomph"
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Hairdresser Hugh Green, who'll style Camilla's hair on her big day, says: “Mrs Parker Bowles knows very well what suits her best,” adding that "it’s best to keep it simple, but in doing so it must be simple and stunning at the same time"

Make-up artist Julia Biddlecombe, known as Julia B, who's in charge of the bride's make-up. "Camilla likes a natural, fresh look," she says

7 APRIL 2005

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“Camilla’s a very natural-looking lady with great features and a gentle way about her. There’d be no point in trying to make her look totally different. She’s clearly comfortable with herself and the way she looks, which is great.”

Camilla is also likely to stick to her usual nail varnish on the day. She wears a neutral colour, Sugar Daddy by Essie, which will be applied by manicurist Angie from the Jo Hansford salon.

For her trademark flicked hairstyle, Camilla relies on Hugh Green of Green and Stephens in Ebury Street, who will do her hair on Friday.

“Mrs Parker Bowles knows very well what suits her best,” Hugh told HELLO!. “She has lovely hair to work with, but the most important aspect for me is the bride is happy and comfortable with the way she looks on her big day. I always feel it’s best to keep it simple, but in doing so it must be simple and stunning at the same time. Although you want to look like yourself it must be special – that’s what people expect.”

Hugh has made a point of attending Camilla’s bridal fittings. “The balance of the hat/headdress/ tiara with the dress is vital, which is why I ensure the hair is planned well before the day and with at least one run-through.”

Camilla’s face now looks softer thanks to her make-up artist Julia Biddlecombe, who has worked with her over the past 18 months. “Camilla likes a natural, fresh make-up, so I’ve used it to highlight her best features, such as her skin and eyes,” says Julia, who has also worked with Lady Helen Taylor and Jade Jagger. “I prefer makeup bases to contain light-reflecting particles or illuminisers as they are the most flattering for fine lines and give an all-day natural glow. I use a cream-based blusher for a softer finish.”

Camilla’s smile also appears brighter, thanks, it would appear, to discreet dental work. “Camilla has had her teeth capped and whitened,” a fashion designer told HELLO!. “It’s noticeable she now smiles a lot more.”

This gradual makeover has been so subtle that at first the public did not notice. It took the eagle eye of Anna Wintour, editor of American Vogue, to notice the difference. After one encounter with her, Anna gushed: “I couldn’t take my eyes off Camilla. She looked marvellous and I thought what a difference being in love makes to a woman’s appearance.” She added that Camilla had as much glamour as Madonna – “that something that makes your jaw drop, that makes you gasp”.

But a few fashion experts hope Camilla does not change too much. French designer Christian Lacroix warned: “You mustn’t want Camilla Parker Bowles to be fashionable.” Instead, she should emphasise “her famous sense of humour”. Top American fashion designer Anna Sui added: “I wouldn’t change a thing about her. I love women like Camilla.”

It’s obvious Prince Charles couldn’t agree more.

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