Clearly in buoyant mood, the two handsome young Princes enter the Guildhall to see their father marry
Photo: AFP
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9 APRIL 2005

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As a major family event, Charles' wedding provided a great opportunity for people to spot their favourite royals. Whilst many of those lining the streets were eager for glimpses of Camilla and her outfit, others openly admitted they were hoping for an eyeful of her new stepson, Prince William.

And the hunky second-in-line did not disappoint. Those lucky enough to see him emerge from the coach that ferried him and other senior royals to the Guildhall greeted his arrival with rousing cheers.

Acknowledging the applause, William turned to wait for his brother Harry to step down from the coach, and the two handsome young men walked into the Guildhall together. Nattily attired in morning suits with pink ties and gold tiepins which were a present from the Queen, they looked every inch the perfect modern princes.

As witness to the marriage ceremony, along with Camilla's son Tom, William bore a particularly important part in the day's proceedings, and the grin he wore as he went in to see his father wed boosted the already buoyant general mood.