Anne in Papua New Guinea this week in a fashionable retro-style frock...
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... which clearly has its origins in the two-piece the Princess wore to Ascot in 1987 and again in 1995
Photo: Rex


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Off with the puffball sleeves, in with a more flattering neckline, and Princess Anne has done it again - transformed an old favourite into a fresh new frock ideal for official engagements.

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Famed for her love of 'recycling' clothes for public appearances, the Queen's only daughter attended an official event during a trip to Papua New Guinea this week wearing a cheerfully patterned dress that would have struck royal-watchers as familiar.

The retro-style dress a look that's been seen a lot on the catwalks this season appears to have been a two-piece suit in a previous life. Mother-of-two Anne wore the suit to Ascot in 1987 and, obviously feeling that style is timeless, again in 1995.

Now the white and sunshine yellow item has been re-born as a one-piece. It's not known if the original suit was re-worked or if the new incarnation is an update using the same fabric: the 55-year-old Princess Royal keeps her fashion secrets as skilfully as she does her slender figure.



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