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18 OCTOBER 2005

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Danes got their first glimpse of their young prince when Princess Mary and Prince Frederik showed off their newborn baby to the cameras. Leaving the Copenhagen Hospital for their home in Fredensborg Castle, the couple looked delighted with their new arrival.

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For the moment, the three-day-old prince has been dubbed "the bairn" by Mary's family, who have Scottish roots. When he is baptised, however, he will almost certainly be named Christian in line with centuries of royal tradition.

Earlier the Australian-born princess' father John Donaldson - who'd visited mother and baby in hospital and helped change the royal tot's nappy - said Mary had come through the birth well. "She's fine although obviously she's not feeling like running a marathon," he said. "I've held the baby. I didn't do a very good job but I held him. I should have been better because I've got the experience."

Although the baby's birth was celebrated with a 21-gun salute over the weekend, his grandfather also revealed plans to welcome him into the world in a more informal manner. Professor Donaldson says he'll wet the baby's head with a drop of champagne. "It's just a tradition. It's probably just an excuse for a man to have a drink."

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Despite having given birth just a few days ago, Princess Mary was looking radiant as she left hospital with Frederik and their new baby
Photo: AFP
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The couple are yet to announce their choice of name, but the infant is almost certain to be called Christian
Photo: AFP