Her father said she was a "phenomenal" sleeper, and week-old Infanta Leonor proved his point as she dozed through her first royal photo shoot
Photo: Spanish Royal House
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Crown Prince Felipe and Crown Princess Letizia clearly adore the new addition to the family
Photo: Spanish Royal House

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Having snoozed through all the bustle when she made her debut in front of the cameras on Monday, Spain's newest little royal, Infanta Leonor, was equally sleepy-eyed while posing for her first-ever official portraits.

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The just-released photos show Leonor's mum, Crown Princess Letizia, and dad Crown Prince Felipe proudly cradling the sleeping newborn. Three generations of the royal family are captured in one of the shots, taken at Felipe and Letizia's home, as grandparents King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia join the happy family-of-three.

Felipe and Letizia were clearly thrilled with their baby girl when they left a Madrid hospital together more than a week after Leonor was born.

"I cried when I saw her," the crown princess told reporters. "She's cute, isn't she? She's gorgeous." Her husband, meanwhile, admitted he wasn't sure which of her parents Leonor most resembles. "But she's very quiet and very beautiful," he added.

Both new parents had the same answer when asked about future siblings for their new daughter. "We don't know," said the crown prince with a smile. "For now, we're just going to get used to this one."