Lord Lichfield is best remembered as the photographer who captured the royals on camera at their most high-profile celebrations
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The prestigious snapper, who in 2002 took the pictures of the Queen's Golden Jubilee, passed away after suffering a stroke

11 NOVEMBER 2005

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Lord Lichfield, the photographer who took the official wedding pictures of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer, has died aged 66. He had suffered a major stroke. The Queen was among the first to offer her condolences, saying she was "deeply saddened" by the news.

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In a glittering career spanning 40 years, he captured many iconic figures on camera. In one memorable picture Sixties singer Marsha Hunt posed naked, complete with a huge afro hairdo. Other famous faces to pass before his lens included Michael Caine, Roman Polanski and Joanna Lumley.

But he will almost certainly best be remembered for his images of the royal family. The son of Viscount Anson and Princess Anne of Denmark, Patrick Lichfield was the Queen's first cousin once removed and the royals often called upon him to record their most high-profile occasions.

He was chosen by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to take the official pictures of her Golden Jubilee in 2002. Almost years 20 years previously, he photographed Prince Charles' wedding celebrations.

He had three children from his 11-year marriage to Lady Leonora Grosvenor, sister of the Duke of Westminster, and his most recent partner was the biographer, Lady Annunziata Asquith.



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