The queen wipes tears away from the eyes of one victim. "This is my extended family," she said
Photo: AFP
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Rania was clearly moved by her conversations with the patients
Photo: AFP

11 NOVEMBER 2005

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Queen Rania of Jordan has been bringing some much-needed comfort to the victims of a recent bomb attack in her home country. The 35-year-old, who spent several hours chatting to patients at a hospital in Amman, was visibly moved by her conversations with them.

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"This is my extended family," said the royal as she moved between wards at the facility. King Abdullah's wife was also seen wiping tears away from the eyes of a woman who broke down while describing her ordeal.

Rania went on to say there was nowhere she'd rather be than with the victims and their families, before promising the attacks would only serve to "strengthen our resolve to continue on our path to peace". Fifty-six people lost their lives last Wednesday when Islamic terrorists simultaneously detonated three bombs in the Jordanian capital.

The queen, who is well-known for her humanitarian work, was among the first to express her sadness over the tragedy. Her hospital visit came just a few days after she jetted into Pakistan in an effort to publicise the plight of Kashmiri people left homeless by the recent earthquake there. Working in her capacity as a goodwill ambassador for Unicef, the mum-of-four brought a plane-load of aid with her to the beleaguered country.

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