Two-year-old Catharina Amalia gives a wave alongside her mum, who is cradling baby sister Alexia, during a visit to Argentina
Photo: Rex
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The little princess, giving her tiny sibling a gentle kiss on the cheek, seems to have inherited her mum's charm and exuberance
Photo: Rex


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It appears that Crown Princess Maxima's daughter Catharina-Amalia has inherited her mum's famed charisma. The tow-haired little girl was the star of the show in Argentina on Wednesday her second birthday as she had her photo snapped alongside her mother and baby sister Alexia.

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Adorable as ever in a little blue dress, Catharina-Amalia demonstrated she's already well-versed at greeting the public, imitating her mum's friendly wave with charming precision. And as Maxima, cradling Alexia in her arms, knelt down to her level, the toddler couldn't resist planting a tender kiss on her little sister's cheek.

Buenos Aires-born Crown Princess Maxima arrived in her home country this week in her capacity as a microcredit advisor to the United Nations. In recent years Argentina has been blighted by economic crises and international agencies are endeavouring to bolster rural areas by providing short term loans to local entrepreneurs.



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