Watch two-year-old Mila vent her preschool struggles in a viral video


Sometimes even two-year-olds need a good venting session. Internet star Mila returned for a new video shared by her mum Katie Stauffer to recap her first day of preschool - which was a struggle to say to the least. To be fair, the adorable toddler didn’t want to go there anyways since she has higher aspirations. "I told [my mum] I wanted to go to law school," Mila said. "She was like no Mila, you’re only two."

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The preschooler added: "So we get to the place and I’m shook." She went on to explain: "The teacher is shady, kids are insane, throwing staplers, pooping everywhere." Thankfully Mila survived the ordeal and managed to saved the day with nap time. Talk about #PreschoolStruggles.

Viewers were quick to praise the adorable video, with one writing: "Oh my, she is the cutest and with so much attitude love it," while another added: "For a two year old her understanding of sarcasm is dead on." A third person added: "I want to hug her. Oh my gosh too hilarious! She needs her own talk show!" 

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