Felipe and Letizia explore the streets of Cuenca as they begin a honeymoon tour of Spain
Photo: © PA
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By the time they made their third stop, in Zaragoza, word had spread and the newlyweds had to be guided through the excited crowds by bodyguards
Photo: © AFP

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Spain's newlywed crown prince and his bride have been met with scenes of mass enthusiasm since beginning their honeymoon with a surprise tour of Spain's most scenic sites.

Excited well-wishers packed the streets to catch a glimpse of Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia when they arrived at their first stop, the town of Cuenca, the day after their wedding in Madrid on Saturday.

As word spread that the future king and queen were in town, the couple took a romantic stroll on the San Pablo bridge over the ravine that divides Cuenca in two, and Felipe snapped some photos of his bride against the stunning backdrop of the town's famous 'hanging houses'.

Later the two retired to their room at the hilltop parador – one of many historic Spanish buildings converted into government-owned luxury hotels – a renovated 16th-century convent.

On Monday, the Prince and Princess of Asturias arrived in the village of Albarracín, where they were met by an enthusiastic 6,000-strong crowd. In a scene more like a rock concert than a royal visit, the couple were guided through the screaming mass by a team of bodyguards.

Similar scenes greeted their arrival in Zaragoza, in the north-east of the country, where they continued the Spanish leg of their honeymoon. On Wednesday, Felipe and Letizia travel to Jordan for the Thursday wedding of Crown Prince Hamzah and Princess Noor. Afterwards, possible destinations for the rest of their wedding tour include the Bahamas, Paris and Mexico.



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