The oil magnate certainly knows how to travel in style. His yacht Pelorus, which is currently moored off the coast of Lisbon, is understood to cost £6 million a year to run
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Also berthed in Portugal is the equally luxurious Grand Bleu which features not one, but two helicopter pads...
Photo: © AFP


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If youíre a football-mad billionaire you can afford to travel to the seasonís hottest sporting event in style Ė like Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovitch.

The Russian businessman, whose fortune is estimated to stand at around £7 billion, currently has two of his state-of-the-art-vessels moored in Lisbon harbour in advance of the upcoming European Championships in Portugal.

The £66 million Pelorus, which is staffed by a crew of 40 and costs around £6 million a year to run, is snuggled up on the quay alongside Romanís £60 million Grand Bleu. With its smaller yacht and two helicopter pads, the latter makes a perfect base from which to nip over to the various matches being held around the country during the coming month.

And if he fancies a trip ashore to check out the local sights, the oil magnate has plenty in store. Portugal's capital is filled with history, especially in the old quarters of Alfama, Castelo and Mouraria. Here the narrow medieval streets with their tile-covered facades are filled with the scent of flowers and the sound of Portugalís traditional song, the fado.

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