Demi shows off her trim figure during a holiday off Turkey's southern coast
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The Hollywood actress was relaxing as a guest on Carmina, a stylish vessel moored in Fethiye harbour
Photo: Rex


Stunningly trim as she lounges about on vacation in Turkey, Demi Moore gives no hint of being just a few months shy of her 43rd birthday. Having starred as a grieving mother haunted by ghosts in her last flick Half Light the Hollywood actress took the chance to enjoy the lighter side of life in Fethiye, a resort on the country's sun-kissed Mediterranean shore.

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There's little likelihood the star will be doing any of the hardcore workouts demanded by movies like Charlie's Angels and GI Jane on her break. "For a time I took on several film roles that made it absolutely necessary to be buff, but I don't kill myself anymore," comments Demi.

Turkey's southern coast is the perfect spot for anyone averse to strenuous living as it positively encourages sloth. With the luxury yacht Carmina at her disposal Demi would have been well placed to visit innumerable unspoiled crystalline coves, many inaccessible by land.

The area's star attraction is the Blue Lagoon of Oludeniz, a turquoise haven of calm waters, bounded on its eastern side by the Valley of Butterflies, where millions of the colourful creatures come to breed in summer. Other gems are the Gemiler Islands, which boast Byzantine ruins set amid a pine-dotted landscape and the ghost village of Kaya Koyu. Left deserted in the early 20th century, the picturesque town still has many fine examples of buildings in the traditional Ottoman style.

Fethiye's harbour with its romantic old town also makes a pleasant place to while away an evening. For those seeking a little more action the region provides ample opportunity for scuba diving, paragliding or trekking through shady gorges.

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