Michelle Obama's plane forced to abort landing

Wednesday April 20, 2011

A White House plane with America's First Lady on board was seconds away from disaster, it was claimed on Tuesday.

The aircraft, which was carrying Michelle Obama, was dangerously close to a military cargo jet and was forced to abort its landing at Andrews Air Force base outside Washington.

Experts have spoken about the near-disaster, claiming that the two planes were seconds apart.

It was due to an air traffic controller blunder, which is the latest in a series involving The Federal Aviation Administration.

They have come under fire recently, after five air traffic controllers were found to have fallen asleep on the job last month and another was suspended for watching a film whilst on duty.

And last week, the polemic had grown to such an extent that President Barack Obama commented: "We've got it under control."

Michelle was returning from a series of television appearances in New York with the Vice President's wife, Jill Biden.

Photo: © Getty

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