Nicky Hilton turned this new mom accessory into a fashion statement

Nicky Hilton turned heads pushing her newborn daughter Lily-Grace Victoria Rothschild in a stylish designer stroller.

Shakira and Gerard have been together since 2010.
Photo: Getty Images

Shakira's son Sasha is the spitting image of his soccer star daddy Gerard Piqué

Shakira shares a precious photo of Gerard Piqué and their son Sasha's twinning moment.

As <a href=""><strong>Hillary Clinton</strong></a> makes history as the first female presidential candidate at the Democratic National Convention, daughter <a href=""><strong>Chelsea Clinton</strong></a> shared fond memories of her mother over the years with <a href= "">POPSUGAR</a>.
"My mom has been my hero for my whole life," Chelsea wrote in a post for the outlet. "I remember watching how hard she worked when I was growing up and thinking she could do anything. She's still working hard and she's not done yet."
Click through for Chelsea's very special throwback photos of the Clinton women.
Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Chelsea Clinton shares childhood photos and even reveals some of mom Hillary Clinton's secrets

Chelsea Clinton shares memories of herself growing up with mom Hillary.

My how they've grown! Thanks to social media and Throwback Thursdays, better known as #TBT or Flashback Fridays, more commonly used with a #FBF, celebrities give us a glimpse at how they were, long before it was lights, camera, action.
Kate Beckinsale
<br />Photo: Twitter/KateBecksale/Getty Images

Kate Beckinsale, Blake Lively and more epic celebrity throwbacks

My how they've grown! Celebrities are giving us a glimpse at how they were long before it was lights, camera, action.

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