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<b><a href=""><strong>Matt Damon</strong></a></b> 

Even after giving George advice about how to handle the pregnancy news, Matt then offered up some more information about George becoming a dad to multiples while the rest of his buddies are sending kids away to college. 

"It's really funny, he's got this group of kind of wonderful group of friends who have been out here for 30 years together and are a really great group of guys and their kids are either in college or on their way." Matt told Ellen DeGeneres. "And George is just getting started. It's pretty funny they're having a good time with him."

When Ellen asked Matt if having twins would be a lot for the first time father, he couldn't help but to agree. "He said to me 'well, you have four,' and I said 'Yeah, but not at once. We did it one at a time,'" he quipped. "I don't know how anybody does twins, those sleepless nights and then there's two of them, like there's just no way, but we'll see what happens to him." 

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