The two actresses, who also starred together in Dogville, showed that they are still the best of friends at the New York premiere of their latest project, Birth
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27 OCTOBER 2004

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Hollywood actresses Nicole Kidman and Lauren Bacall demonstrated they are still the best of friends, embracing on the red carpet of their latest film, Birth.

The silver screen diva and statuesque Nicole, who wore a simple brown cocktail dress, showed that the straightforward comments made by Lauren earlier this summer are now just a memory.

During a Venice Film Festival press conference, Ms Bacall cut short a journalist who dubbed co-star Nicole a "legend". "She's not a legend," corrected the 79-year-old star, famous for her no-nonsense demeanour. "She's a beginner. What is this 'legend'? She can't be a legend at whatever age she is."

While the remark was interpreted by many as tension between the two, Nicole, 37, has always insisted that she agrees with the seasoned actress and actually appreciated the opinion. "I was thrilled that she dismissed the legend stuff," she said later. "To put me into a category I don't belong, burdens me with responsibility I don't want.

"I telephoned Lauren and thanked her for saying that. She always calls it like it is and that's a reality check I adore."



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