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Aries forecast for Thursday July 2, 2015

Do you know any rocket scientists? Might there be a brain surgeon or two on your list of Facebook friends? You now seek a smart solution to a bewilderingly problematic situation. There are so many complex factors that are governed by intricate laws of interaction to which there are several deceptively important exceptions. Surely, only a genius could hope to make sense of all this? What a good job then that a genius is now reading this very sentence. Do, today, what every truly clever person does - and keep it all simple!

Now, I have made a special video for you. Beautiful images of the natural world accompany my in-depth forecast for you covering the whole of July. I know you will enjoy it... and you can watch it completely free. Plus you'll also be able to start receiving messages from me every time something important is happening in the sky that directly affects you as part of the new Astro-Alert system. All you have to do is join the free trial of the 5 Star Service here.

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