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Cheryl Cole June 30 1983

Cancer forecast for Saturday February 28, 2015

Your March Monthly Forecast: How tired do you feel? Have you been let down or sold short? And, if so, who's to blame for this? Did someone else raise your expectations too high? Or did you allow this to happen because inwardly, somewhere, you so much wanted to believe in a dream? This month's powerful Solar Eclipse suggests there is a dream that's worth believing in, one that really can come true. Now that you have let go of what you once clung to so tightly, you are in an excellent position to embrace this more viable alternative.

The annual alignment of the Sun and Neptune at the end of the month is inspiring... and it's a chance to make your dreams come true. A personal birth-chart will help you realise those dreams. Right now there's 20% off all charts (Offer ends Today!)

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