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Daniel Craig March 2 1968

Pisces forecast for Saturday February 13, 2016

Your Week Ahead: If we don't talk to each other, how can we hope to understand each other? Before we go any further into this forecast, did you notice it began with a trick question? We talk to each other all the time. Rarely is that the barrier to communication. It isn't that we don't talk, more that we don't listen! Or, even if we do, we don't hear what is actually being said! I'm not just drawing your attention to this because it is Valentine's week. Keep it in mind whilst pursuing more mundane objectives if you seek success this week!

Now, I've just updated the introduction to your Guide to the Future with a special Valentine focus on Venus, the love planet and the position it held in the sky on the day that you were born! What does this mean about your emotional and romantic needs? What's going to happen to you? And for a limited time there's 20% OFF too. Download yours here

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