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Aries forecast for Tuesday May 19, 2015

It isn't just gamblers who gamble. Even the most risk-averse amongst us become obliged, every so often, to cast fate to the winds. We never know for sure how any process is going to turn out. The best we can ever do is guess. And if we are not willing to guess and be wrong, the best we can do is nothing. But then, very often, a policy of doing nothing turns out to be risky in itself! A lot of experience now informs your opinion about a person or a situation. What else can you do but trust what you know to be true?

Now, when the moon is new, the hidden aspects of your character can reveal themselves. What are you your greatest wishes and fears? How can you ensure a future you desire? The answers to all these questions and many more, will be revealed to you in a full horoscope birth-chart. And this new moon, there's a huge 25% discount off all charts. Hurry, whilst the moon is dark, let its magic work for you. Instantly download your discounted chart now!

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