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2014 forecast

So is it going to be a good year? Or a bad year? How do we even actually judge a year? Often, it's difficult enough to say whether a day is good or bad. Many things can happen during the course of a bad day to turn that day around. And not all days that begin well end well. Often it is our moods, expectations and attitudes that make the difference.

Really, every moment is precious, regardless of what's happening within it. But, that said, 2014 has the potential to be a truly excellent, splendid, year. The continued presence of Jupiter in your sign points to you liberating yourself from restrictions that have held you back for too long. Finally, you're free to express yourself without that continual feeling in the back of your mind that perhaps you shouldn't. You can forget the compromises that you keep having to make and the promises that you ought to be keeping if any of these are preventing you from properly enjoying life. The clear implication from a kindly cosmos is that this is a time when magic can and will start to happen. All year, no matter what ups and downs you go through, the general trend will be encouraging.