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January 1 1970

Day forecast for Tuesday June 30, 2015

People who believe in themselves become capable of doing the most wonderful things. Those who doubt themselves, can fall at almost any hurdle, no matter how easy it should be to surmount. So, what should we do if we once had faith and then lost this? It really doesn't matter what has since gone wrong, what we may appear to have lost, what strong reason there may seem to be for regret. All we have to do is find that faith again. You can do that, beginning this very day. Once you do, all else will take care of itself.

Two auspicious alignments are taking place this week between Venus and Jupiter. Be ready for the hope, the justice and the love this can bring. A birth chart and report will help you and for a limited time there's 25% off. Download your discounted chart here.

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