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Gemini forecast for Sunday May 18, 2015

We are not supposed to laugh about serious matters. It is insensitive and disrespectful. Yet if we treat them with gravitas, don't we make them all the more serious? Might it not be better to defuse a tense situation by injecting just a little levity into it? The timing has to be right, of course, but then that's always true with humour. Great comedians know that the secret of success comes down to split second delivery. Today brings at least one moment where a ray of sunshine can come through. Seize that chance.

Now, when the moon is new, the hidden aspects of your character can reveal themselves. What are you your greatest wishes and fears? How can you ensure a future you desire? The answers to all these questions and many more, will be revealed to you in a full horoscope birth-chart. And this new moon, there's a huge 25% discount off all charts. Hurry, whilst the moon is dark, let its magic work for you. Instantly download your discounted chart now!

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