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Some like it hot. You though, like it sizzling. Your partner is every bit as much of a frying pan fan.

You take it in turns to raise one another's temperature. From the moment you meet, you start to compete. It's a race to see can take (and create) the most heat. You love this. It brings out the best in you. Your partner, of course, feels the same way. Until or unless that is, you run out of fuel. Fire must always have something to burn.

And something to burn IN. Sometimes, you end up exhausting one another. Sometimes, you feel as if there's just no room to breathe when you are with your partner. Sometimes, the two of you get each other so fired up that you both explode.

A dramatic confrontation is followed by the feeling that there's simply 'nothing left' to share. You have consumed, at a thrilling rate, all the common ground between you. The relationship has now burned itself out. That's what CAN happen. But it doesn't have to.

It's perfectly possible to combine to produce a steady, everlasting flame. All it takes is a bit of separate space - till you have found out how to co-exist at the right pace.

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