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Pisces forecast for Monday April 20, 2015

If you are so special, what about the other seven billion human inhabitants of Earth? Do they matter less? And if they are all your equals, how can you expect to be singled out for cosmic protection? Unless, that is, we live in a more amazing world than we understand. What if there really is enough good grace to go round? What if we can all reasonably expect celestial support, as long as we request it humbly enough? Act, this week, as if you believe that a higher power can help you and you will yet see proof that it can.

A powerful cosmic climate is working in your favour right now. You can make a positive transformation and achieve what you've been hoping for. A personal birth-chart report will tell you what's really possible... and when... and how. And for a limited time there's a 20% discount. Download yours now! (Offer ends today)

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