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Ryan Gosling 12 November 1980

2014 forecast

For quite some while, you've been going on a journey of challenge and discovery. It is not yet quite over. But having Saturn pass through your sign is not a kind of punishment. It can make life seem difficult at times but in no way does it prevent you from experiencing happiness. It simply presents lessons that you need to learn and profit from. Nor is Saturn's passage through Scorpio the only astrological factor you are dealing with now. In 2012, a series of rare right angles between Pluto and Uranus began. They continue till 2015. Each, for you, is a wake-up call. Wherever pretences are being acted out or seemingly inescapable obligations are holding you back, now you have to say, 'Surely it's time I broke free from this? Yet sometimes when we feel we daren't instigate a much-needed change, we let frustration or resentment drive an unconscious agenda to make things worse until we can eventually justify a dramatic, irrevocable gesture. But in 2014, you will leave behind nothing that you need to stay with and will lose nothing that you need to keep. And you'll yet gain plenty that fulfils you greatly. The future really does contain great magic.