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Beyoncé Knowles September 4 1981

Virgo forecast for Thursday August 31, 2016

If we are unable to change environments, the answer may be to change our environment. When we're obliged to remain steadfast in a situation or a setting, it can be refreshing to simply rearrange our surroundings. There's something satisfying about modifying or updating what we have, rather than seeking a replacement. Now is a good time to get creative with what you have... re-imagine, repurpose and reclaim. There are efficiencies you can make today that will get new endeavours off on the right foot.

The coming annular eclipse and 'T-Square' mean the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. If you want to make sure your dreams become a reality then you need a full horoscope chart. From now until September 1st there's a chance to get 20% OFF the usual price. (OFFER ENDS TOMORROW)

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