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Beyonc� Knowles 13 September 1993

2013 forecast

In polite society we don't show people aspects of ourselves that might be considered offensive. In answer, for example, to the question, 'How are you?' we don't say, 'I'm miserable.' We don't even say, 'I'm feeling fantastic.' We say, 'Oh, I'm fine thanks. How are you?' That kind of bland exchange characterises the way in which so many people interact.

I'm not saying that soon, you are going to suddenly find yourself telling it like it is to everybody. But you are going to start talking straight to the people who matter most to you. People are going to tell it like it is to you and when they do you are going to hear them. When they say, 'I'm fine, thank you.' You are going to say, 'No, but really how are you?' You are going to take that information on board and help others see what is wrong. You will become less afraid of darkness, difficulty or the potential for loss or struggle.

In gaining faith in what people can do when they stop living by outdated and meaningless protocols, you are at the forefront of a global wave of change. You will soon start to make choices that come from a very inspired emotional place, which will eventually lead you to a position of leadership, popularity and success.

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